By Cynthia JohnsonTwitter is my favorite social media tool.  Why?I love Twitter, because I get it.  Over the past few weeks I have received many emails and messages asking me about how to use Twitter and how to get more followers.

Well here is my list of Twitter usage tips:

1.  Your profile should easily explain everything about you.  The first sentence should be short, sweet and to the point.  Ex:  “The Social Media Girl.”  or “The Original Culture Mapping Podcast” – Make sure that you include in that first sentence what you’re mainly going to be talking about and a definitive of who you are.  For instance, mine is “The Social Media Girl.”  Social Media is what I will be talking about and I am definitely a girl.  After that you may go on to add your bragging rights and websites, but make sure that first sentence pops!

2.  Your profile picture should explain what your topics will be about.  If you’re going to be discussing video games, don’t put up a glamour shot of yourself.  Know you audience.  If you are a girl discussing video games and you feel the absolute need to be half naked or looking “hot” then wear a Pacman bikini or something.  Play the part!  Be the politician, the nerd or the fashionista if that is what you will be talking about!3.  Follow people.  Face it, you’re not a celebrity so you won’t be gaining followers on fame alone.  Do a search for people that talk about your interests as well and follow them.  After a few days, list the people by topic that you find interesting and that you wish to continue following them.  Then go to and unfollow the people who aren’t following you back.  The way I think of it is like this:

Lists- People I want to hear from for content, information and news.  Lists help to easily set these people aside without me having to follow them.

Following- I see the people I follow as “friends”  these are people that I follow and they follow back.  I may see news randomly and engage with them from time to time and we are mutually interested and follow each other.

Followers-  These are my followers and people from my friends list.  Let’s face it, we all like followers!  These people are important.

What I want you to get from this, is that following people is not bad when you do it with purpose, by topic of interest and within Twitter’s Terms of Service.

4.  Tweet often!  If you want to be seen as a leader or educated person within your community, you must tweet often and deliberately.  Tools that help with tweeting often and deliberately are: –  This shows you the strength of your hashtag and the most influence users of it. – This tool helps you schedule out tweets and effectively by time. – Tweriod lets you know the best time for you to tweet. – allows you to see your most influential follower that you can @message – allows you to follow and unfollow users easily.  This will tell you who is potentially fake  and who is not following you back.

5.  Lastly, DO NOT use hashtags in the middle of a sentence in a tweet!  The search pulls all of the words from your tweet so you only need a hashtag to put yourself into a conversation, chat or search that you would not already have been in.


Wrong ways to use a hashtag on Twitter:

A.  “I love #SocialMedia so much!  I think it’s #Fantastic!”
B.  “I love Social Media so much!  I think it’s Fantastic!  #SocialMedia”

Correct way to use a Hashtag on Twitter:

A.  “I love Social Media so much!  I think it’s Fantastic!  #ThingsIReallyLove”
B.  “I love Social Media so much!  I think it’s Fantastic!  #SocialMediaLover
C.  “I love Social Media so much!  I think it’s Fantastic!”

Unless you are joining a conversation, no need to over #Hashtag and annoy your followers and anyone else who sees your tweet!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

By Cynthia Johnson
The Social Media Girl.


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