By Forrest Harrison MD

I found myself in need of a quick reference orthopedic app that was easy to use. I had been desperately searching for fracture classification diagrams and treatment options on the internet and skimming through reference books only to become even more frustrated.

It was easy to find information if your patient had a simple boxers fracture, but what about all the other metacarpals? I needed a more concise and comprehensive source on the go, so I turned to the App store.

In my search I found two apps previously reviewed on iMedicalApps that appeared promising.

The first is an iPhone app called ortho traumapedia, and it has a price point of $9.99. This app was originally reviewed by iMedicalApps team member, Darwin Wan. The second is an iPhone/iPad app called RealWorld Orthopaedics, also with a price of $9.99. This app was originally reviewed by Dr. Yvette Ho and Tom Lewis.

Both of these apps were out of my typical discretionary money range for impulse app purchasing. A few bucks down the drain is no big deal, but $9.99 seemed like more of an investment. I felt it was worthwhile to revisit these apps due to the lack of other good resources for a quick ortho reference and also because of the investment required in purchasing one of these apps.

Ortho Traumapedia:

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