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Modern endoscopy has become a necessary diagnostic and therapeutic tool in many clinical specialties such as pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, colorectal surgery, and urology.

Advances in handheld computing have created the possibility of transforming a smartphone into a completely mobile endoscopic viewing system at a substantial cost benefit.


To evaluate the ability and feasibility of an iPhone-based  mobile endoscopic viewing system.


  • Images of United States Air Force resolution target compared between a flexible cystoscope coupled to the Endockscope + iPhone to the Storz high definition (HD) camera (H3-Z Versatile).
  • Munsell ColorChecker chart to compare the color resolution with a 0° laparoscope.
  • 12 expert endoscopists blindly compared and evaluated images from a porcine model using a cystoscope and ureteroscope for both systems.
  • Finally, there was a cost comparison (average of two company listed prices) and weight (lbs) comparison of the two systems.


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