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Just a few minutes ago, a Google Glass Hangout on “Google Glass in Surgery” concluded, led by Kathy Browne of, with Dr. Heather EvansTrauma/General Surgeon and Assistant Professor, University of Washington,  Jacob FriedmanProject Manager for Epic Systems,  Ismail Nabeel Glass Explorer in Surgery at Ohio State, and  David Harlow Healthcare Lawyer and Consultant for The Harlow Group LLC.

It was extraordinarily interesting on a few fronts.

1) The amazing potential of Google Glass in the OR.  Limitations of  field of sight, distraction, lighting were addressed, especially by Dr. Evans, but the overall feeling is that there is tremendous potential, that is just being to be explored.  There will be a learning curve, until, eventually,  a  solid niche is carved out, but the future looks bright.

2) The Killer App of the Google Hangout: Kathi Browne leveraged this technology with deft moderation, and pointed questions, but, to me, the star of the show was the tech of Google Hangout.  Imagine, a viewer such as mysefl, hundreds  of miles from the presenters, but able to listen to this great minds, in real time, and to be able to pound out a review a few minutes after it concluded.  And the presenters were not in the same place, but in their respective locations, very far away.

Both Google Glass and Google Hangout have a great future, and we will try to keep up with new developments via this dynamite Killer App of Google Hangout!

Here a video of the Hangout, below.





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