by John Bennett MD

There is a fairly new program on the net, as least fairly new to me, with web address, .  

Anyone can easily and painlessly make their own “newspaper”  of any topic you choose; pick your sources on the net, many of them displayed for you,  of news, in a certain area of Digital Health, and I imagine about whatever else, and the “X Newspaper” can be generated automatically.   And visitors, if they like the “X Newspaper”, can easily and painlessly subscribe!

Here’s just a few, but you know if thought leaders like Kent Bottle and Dr. Nic are doing it, it must have possibilities!

Please post in the Comments section, if you know of any other good ones!  Let’s Crowdsource!




by Ali Jalali, MD, is a medical educator at the Faculty of Medicine’s Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy and has been sharing his knowledge and expertise at the University of Ottawa since 2003. His main research interests revolve around use of technology in education.


Physician, reader of books, airplane traveler, speaker/writer/learner. “I keep busy giving keynotes on the future of medicine, facilitating strategic planning retreats for health organizations, writing blogs and articles, and drinking red wine”.


CMIO for Nuance that brings a distinctive blend of medical practitioner and business strategist, to the realm of healthcare technology


Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Biomedical research, medical education & clinical advances. Tweeting: David Flores, Paul Moniz, Kim Newman and Deirdre Branley.

RN Report

RN. Blogging the latest in health care & technology. Hubby to @JanWieder, dad, son & brother. Perpetual learner, information junkie & Twitterphile.

mHealth Daily

Bringing relevant news from the mHealth web community

Genomics Daily

-newbreaking stories in this rapidly changing science

Medical Device Daily

Moore law says that computers get twice as powerful every 18 months, so look out momma!

Medical Apps Daily

-Youngsters, especially med students, are impacting this new field, and ably covered by med student Iliat at

Nanotechnology Daily

-lots of changes are on the horizon in this science, especially diagnosing and effective treatments of cancer


Please list any  “New Daily Newspapers”,  below in the comment section, so we can add to the list!


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