(ED NOTE: We feel that the tech of Google Hangouts has tremendous potential to be leveraged, as it is in this case, and that it will definitely become more popular, to communicate about Health Care isssues)


October 6th by 

Opening Ceremony on October 25 at 3:30am UTC

At the appointed time, come to this page to view the live broadcast. The day will begin with an exciting welcome and opening session by Partho P. Sengupta (International Chair of the 2013 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography) and Jagdish C. Mohan (Program Chair). Expect something special!

It will be followed by an eight-continent presentation addressing Global Trends That Are Shaping the Echocardiography World. Presenters will include World Echocardiography Society Leaders: ASE’s Patricia A. Pellikka (USA), EACVI’s Patrizio Lancellotti (Europe), CSE’s Lawrence Rudski (Canada), ECOSAIC’s Pedro Gutierrez-Fajardo (Sth & Ctrl America), JSE’s Yutaka Otsuji (Japan), KSE’s Kye-Hun Kim (Korea), CSE’s Yun Zhang (China), IAE’s Ravi R. Kasliwal (India)

The opening ceremony will conclude with a traditional Lighting of the Lamp, carried out by Drs. Patricia A. Pellikka, Patrizio Lancellotti, Lawrence Rudski, Pedro Gutierrez-Fajardo, Yutaka Otsuji, Yun Zhang, Kye-Hun Kim, Ravi R. Kasliwal, Partho P. Sengupta, Jagdish C. Mohan.

All of this will happen in the span of about 90 minutes… Join us right here!

This year the World Summit on Echocardiography is in New Delhi, India. Rather than expecting the world to come to India, the summit planners have decided to bring a special part of the summit to YOU … usinghangouts on air. Whether you are a cardiologist, a primary care physician, or just plain curious, you will enjoy the opening ceremony of the 2nd  World Summit on Echocardiography .




Events to be Broadcast Participating
Welcome and Opening Plenary Session
9:00am IST
3:30am UTC
8:30pm PDT (Oct 24)
Partho P. Sengupta
Jagdish C. Mohan
Global Trends That Are Shaping the Echo World
9:10am IST
3:40am UTC
8:40pm PDT (Oct 24)
Patricia A. Pellikka (USA)
Patrizio Lancellotti (Europe)
Lawrence Rudski (Canada)
Pedro Gutierrez-Fajardo (Sth & Ctrl America)
Yutaka Otsuji (Japan)
Kye-Hun Kim (Korea)
Yun Zhang (China)
Ravi R. Kasliwal (India)
Lighting of Lamp
10:20am IST
4:50am UTC
9:50pm PDT (Oct 24)
Patricia A. Pellikka
Patrizio Lancellotti
Lawrence Rudski
Pedro Gutierrez-Fajardo
Yutaka Otsuji
Yun Zhang
Kye-Hun Kim
Ravi R. Kasliwal
Partho P. Sengupta
Jagdish C. Mohan

The World Summit on Echocardiography is an educational collaboration by a consortium of Echocardiography Societies, and is scheduled to take place every other year in locations to be determined around the world.  The purpose of the Summit is to provide training in parts of the world where that training will make a difference. India’s rapidly growing economy has led to growing affluence and major lifestyle changes, with a dramatic rise in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.  This World Summit will help spur adaptation of standardized guidelines and protocols for cardiovascular care, and ultimately improve the quality of patient care worldwide. This event, organized by the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE)  in partnership with EAVCI and six other echocardiography societies, will take place October 25-27, in New Delhi, India. The list of daily sessions is online now, and additional information about the World Summit can be found at www.wsecho.org


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