(ED NOTE: One of the best collaborations in the Digital Healthcare world occurred at the beginning of the actual creation of Medical Applications, with  Air Strip.  This was one of the first ever Medical applications, and came about when a Texas-obstetrician, Cameron Powell MD, who  collaborated with a developer he knew from Church, Trey Moore, and they rest is history.  The application/program/device is used by many hospitals, and applies to many areas other than it original purpose, which was to monitor pregnant mothers, remotely!)


iMedicalApps frequently gets inquiries from healthcare professionals who–facing the many inefficiencies and inadequacies of daily practice–have ideas on how an app could improve their practice.

While we can’t say that every idea we hear is a slam dunk, there certainly have been some insightful concepts that we’ve come across.

If you are a developer – whether part of a company or freelance – that is interested in hearing from healthcare professionals, please send us your information via this form below. We will share this information so that our colleagues have a place to start with. The hope is that such collaboration can lead to innovative apps that improve how healthcare providers practice medicine.

(For more info, go to iMedical


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