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How do you respond to someone when they ask you WHY they should use education technology? Do you get flustered and attempt to walk them through an array of apps and web tools that can help them save time, reduce friction in the classroom, and more? If you’re an Edudemic reader, then you probably already use edtech and are happy to walk others through those exact points.

EdTech Questions We Should Be Answering

  • But what happens when you need a bit of a refresher?
  • What happens when you’re curious if all the edtech you’re seeing is actually amounting to something?
  • Just how much edtech is the right amount?
  • Why do administrators and teachers differ so much on edtech?
  • Just how popular is 1:1 right now?

Among teachers in a 1:1 or BYOD classroom, 15% use subject-specific content tools every week. 37% use information and reference tools every week. 18% of these teachers use teacher tools on a weekly basis. 20% of those surveyed use digital curricula weekly.

I really love the quote used in this visual from Common Sense Media: “I’m always looking for technology to help improve student learning.” In other words, teachers are busy as all get-out and could use at least a little helping hand these days. We hope Edudemic has a little bit of that time-saving help for this type of teacher and that all the resources we share every day act as a way to help make the point that education technology is not optional and is, in fact, essential.

why to use edtech

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