October 4, 2013

Yahoo! Japan have created the “Hands on Search” machine, a device which they think could be the internet of the future.

Developed for visually impaired children, the machine allows children to call out something that they wish to touch. The machine then searches for 3D schematics of the object the child has asked for and prints the object in a matter of minutes for the child to touch and interact with. The video below shows printed objects including giraffes, skyscrapers, dinosaurs, horses, insects, cars and planes. If no 3D data of the object is found, Yahoo! posts an add for someone to create the data for that object.


 3D printing blows my mind and I love seeing continual innovation with the technology. The idea of bringing the sense of touch into the visual and auditory world of the internet is not only a great brand extension for Yahoo!, it also provides a glimpse at the great future possibilities 3D printing might bring for people with disabilities.





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