(ED NOTE: The beat goes on, with improvement in ultrasound technology; around the Watercooler, there is a betting pool to see when ER patients will not leave the ER for radiographis, but everything will be done at the bedside)

SuperSonic Imagine (Aix-en-Provence, France) received clearance from the FDA to bring its Aixplorer ultrasound system to the U.S. The device sports the company’s MultiWave Technology that reconstructs images from the interference between longitudinal waves and shear waves within tissue. It is also able to provide tissue stiffness or elasticity info during an exam.

According to SuperSonic, the Aixplorer is the only system available that can “generate, capture and compute shear wave velocity resulting in the bi-dimensional display of true tissue elasticity.”

Features according to the product page:

  • Light-weight system that is easily maneuverable
  • Full range and independent height-adjustable control panel and monitor that can be tilted and moved to the desired position, thus accommodating scanning whether seated or standing
  • Easy access to the system and its controls from every angle
  • Intuitive control panel with integrated palm rest
  • Interactive Touch Screen with touch sensitive onscreen keyboard to reduce repetitive movements
  • Ease of use Macro Controls: includes Image Quality Optimization and Lesion Characterization Optimization
  • Innovative TouchRing™ for direct access to key ultrasound controls
  • Small light-weight transducers with a palmar grip to encourage a neutral wrist position
  • Slim, flexible transducer cables
  • Flexible Transducer Cable Holder
  • Transducer Connector Holders

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