OMFW Moment!  Came across this tech, when a doctor from the Canary Island sent me a few videos of her Telemedicine Service, and I browsed through her offerings.  I noted a video of the “Multitouch Microsope”, and investigated.  Awesome!  Here’s the company description:

The multitouch microscope brings new dimensions into teaching and research. Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) and Multitouch Ltd have created a hand and finger gesture controlled microscope. The method is a combination between two technologies: web-based virtual microscopy and a giant size multitouch display.

The result is an entirely new way of performing microscopy: by touching a table- or wall-sized screen the user can navigate and zoom within a microscope sample in the same way as in a conventional microscope. Using the touch control it is possible to move from the natural size of the sample to a 1000-fold magnification, at which cells and even subcellular details can be seen on an interactive multitouch display table.

Here’s a video that shows how the Multitouch Microsope is used:

So, essentiallly, the slide is scanned, onto the hard drive of the computer, and projected onto a MultiTouch screen.

Ah, to be a medical student again, and to be able to better understand those pesky small vision field of a microsope!!


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