by John Bennett MD

www.Orthobullets is a fantastic website, organized by Derek Moore MD,  a Boston Spine Surgeon.  Do yourself a favor, go to the website, join, and check it out.  It is simply awesome!  Below is a screen shot of the first page which shows its’ features, and following is an example of a sample case presentation.  It appears that this website is very educational, and utilizes the powers of the web to the max!  Other specialities should have one like this, and, if they do, please advise us here, and we will feature it!

   If not, Derek, put away that spica cast, those pesky Harrington rods, and get on the web!

Global Pincer (femoroacetabular impingement)
See Full Case A 29-year-old female presents with hip pain for many years. The right hip pain is worse than the left. On physical exam there is a positive C sign. She has groin pain with flexion, adduction, and internal rotation. Maximal flexion is about 105 degrees. In 90 degrees of hip flexion maximal internal rotation is only 5 degrees. Imaging showed a lateral CEA of 62 degrees and Tonnis 0 degenerative changes.  How would you treat this patient’s RIGHT hip?
Observation and physical therapy
Hip re-contouring procedure (open or arthroscopic)

  If you choose re-contouring, how would you obtain access to joint?

Standard arthroscopic portals with hip distraction
Arthroscopy with capsulotomy from outside in
Open dislocation
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