The traditional doctor’s visit is ripe for reinvention—both because it is such a valuable interaction, and because we know there are ways to make it better.We believe that new tools, technologies, and strategies can empower people to be more informed and more engaged when they walk into the doctor’s office and better equipped to improve their health when they walk out the door. And we believe that doctors, nurses, and other care providers can improve the ways they communicate with and engage patients during visits, and they can take advantage of new tools for monitoring, supporting, and connecting with their patients outside of the office, too.We think that by tapping into these strategies, we could to turn the provider-patient interaction on its head—and promote better, and relationships while doing so.

What Exactly Is Flip The Clinic?

Flip the Clinic is an ongoing conversation. As of September 2013, we are in fact-gathering mode, researching the needs and opportunities for improving the doctor-patient interaction and assessing what works and what doesn’t. In the next few months we expect to begin testing some ideas in the real world. And in early 2014, we will launch a toolkit of strategies and resources for both patients and care providers here at FlipTheClinic.org. Our goal is not only to create a specific set of practices that will improve the medical encounter, but also to inspire others to invent new ways to get more out of the doctor’s visit, too.


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