by John Bennett MD: Editor in Chief

Make some room on your “Internet Medicine” section of your book collection.
Bertalan Mesko MD, of Hungary, on of the Top Ten Internet Doctors in the world, has written a book on the rising power of social media in medicine today, Social Medica for Clinical Practice.

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In Berni’s words, from his Twitter account Profile, he is a  “…Medical futurist, geek medical doctor with PhD in genomics, founder of , speaker, blogger, university lecturer, book author, consultant.”  Berni has about 33k followers on Twitter, and is very active in all Social Media.  In fact, Webicina offers a “Social Media Course”, as explained in the following video:

For your information, it is suggested to read the following books, if you want to have an idea of what is happening today in Digital Health

Eric Topol’s “The Creative Destruction of Medicine“; The Bible of Digital Healthcare

Of course, it is compulsory to read Dr. Topols book. The others are optional.


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