by John Bennett MD: Editor-in-Chief

One of the joys of this job, of searching for good things that are happening in Digital Healthcare is running across websites such as “ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis“.  I don’t know the story behind this website, but probably it is non-profit, created by someone who was stricken by breast cancer, or who had a family member or close friend with the horrible disease.  And one of the things I noted that was unusual about the website is the concept of “Mentorship”, which seems novel, but seems like an excellent way to deal with having the malady.

Delving further into the website, here follows a quote lifted from the “About” Section:


ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis was founded by a group of women – led by Melodie Wilson – who realized that having breast cancer is about much more than biopsies, surgery and chemotherapy. Most of ABCD’s founders are breast cancer survivors who discovered that the most valuable information and support came from others in similar life circumstances with similar experiences with the disease. Not everyone diagnosed with breast cancer knows where to find that kind of help. That’s where ABCD comes in.

Based in metropolitan Milwaukee, our services are available for free, anywhere, as long as you have a telephone.


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