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Why aren’t more healthcare organizations using social media to address health misinformation and influence public perceptions? Is it socially unacceptable for hospitals to get personal, or are they just afraid a little social interaction might lead to a lot more social interaction? Isn’t that the point? News anchors pay attention to it. Politicians exploit it. Hospitals should save lives with it!

Health misinformation is everywhere. There is so much bad information causing people to make bad healthcare decisions. The solution is for health experts to get good information out there — on YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. You don’t have time to waste on social media, right?

Being social doesn’t have to be time-consuming,. In fact, putting good information out there can mean time saved addressing health misinformation later. It can even generate new patients. Here is a really good post by Palms West Hospital, addressing colonoscopy misconceptions. Way to go, Palms West Hospital! Now why not take it one step further by getting your staff get involved? If several staff members share the post on Facebook, Twitter, or practice website, think of the number of local people who might think twice about putting off a colonoscopy and make an appointment. Of course, not all hospitals have the time to write original content. It’s okay to reshare someone else’s effort, especially if it can be embedded on your website.

I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant physician with a sassy social side … Dr. Patricia Raymond, orButt Meddler as she likes to refer to herself. She takes social to a “whole notha level” with comedy, honesty, and social tools. Her videos are so well-done they deserve to be embedded on physician websites and reshared on Facebook. Dr. Raymond doesn’t promote a particular practice and she delivers important messages in entertaining formats.

Do you know of other good resources that are share-friendly? If so, share them in a comment!


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