(ED NOTE: This first sign of a potential brouhaha occurs when  the proofreading department gathers around the watercooler.  As you know that means one of three possibilities, concerning a topic for a future article: exotic dancers, a parade, or an infographic.   Today, it is the latter, an infographic concerning the use of mHealth in real-time, in the field)


At QxMD, we collect anonymized data on how our apps our used in an effort to drive improvements based on data analysis, rather than hunches.  We’ve learned a lot and thought we’d share some of the information that other medical app developers might find useful, like:

  • Which is most utilized, iOS or Android apps?  This helps us decide which platforms to prioritize for developement. Our mission is dissemination of medical & scientific knowledge, so total downloads don’t mean much.  We’re more interested in actual app usage.
  • When developing for Android, how do I know which device(s) to optimize for?
  • For iOS, can one reliably assume that most users have upgraded to the latest operating system?
  • In which countries are mobile apps being used the most?  When adding additional language support, which languages should one prioritize?


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