Vintage Television

by John Bennett MD: Editor

People are already raving about the newly introduced “Chromecast“, a small device developed by Google, to plug into the back of a regular TV, allowing the user access, via a Wi-Fi network,  to view various internet channels, including YouTube.

 Now, you may think, what the hell does a device, plugging into a TV, have to do with medicine?


This device will constitute a true  milestone in  Patient’s Medical Education.


Video technology is, itself, undergoing a revolution; with the accessibility with internet devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Androids, it is neat to watch your favorite video in line at the bank, on the Metro, stuck in traffic, etc.

And, most people do not know it, even most doctors, but there is a TREMENDOUS wealth of medical videos on the internet, especially YouTube,  that will, undoubtedly, take a more prominent place with patient education, as time passes

And, now, with the creation of Chromecast, where you can watch YouTube, from every TV, guess what?

EVERYONE WILL HAVE ACCESS TO PATIENT EDUCATION VIDEOS, prescribed to patients, or to see follow-up instructions recorded by their doctor on  Google Glass.

Some polititician said “leave no-one behind”.  Well, a lot of patients are left behind, because they  do not have iPhones, iPads, or even computers.    But a Wi-Fi Network can easily be set up, or a technology that allows the user to bypass having to have a Wi-Fi network will be developed.  Everyone has a TV and access to it, and, with the Chromecast, everyone will now have access to  YouTube, and its huge Medical Education supply.

Now the challenge for physicians and Medical Educators,  is to, as James Brown said, “Get on the Good Foot!”, and get these educational videos on the tube in front of patients!


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