by John Bennett MD, InternetMedicine.com

You know you have to take a project pushed by the founders of Google to be serious.  Yes, serious, but those guys have gazillions to throw around, at their latest whim.  But looks like Sergei Brin, one of the founders of Google Glass, may be on to something.

To understand the technology behind Google Glass, go to the Video Classroom, and look at a few vids.

 Essentially, it is a mini-computer, lodged on glasses on the right side of the Glasses, which has camera powers, and well as the normal computing powers, like Voice Recognition.  So you can give commands, and it will obey.  In the Classroom, you will see how this tech applies to other fields of Industry, like BMW manufacturing, and will most likely carve out a huge niche in Industry, to day, we see a Healthcare application which is new, fast and real.

Now, “Daltonism”, you probably don’t recognize, but probably would wish it on your mother-in-law, if it was not fatal, of course.    Essentially, it is Color Blindness.  Now, watch the following video, and see how Google Glass, would aid someone  with Daltonism, trying to distinguish colors.

True, it is a small use, and not exactly a cure for cancer.  And perhaps, you wish your mother-in-law would continue to go through red lights.

 But, dear reader, put your seatbelts on, because we can feel where this technology, which will be super well-funded, is going, and watch for continuing improvement and application of this seriously powerful tool for healthcare.

Just keep your seatbelt on!


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