Apr 29 2013 By Anne Prantel

Top 10 Free iPad Medical Apps for Health Care Service Providers

Since the iPad was first introduced a few years ago it has been widely successful in the medical industry. This is a fact attributable not only to its ergonomic design but also it is a kind of its own gadget that is replacing old paper and pen based clipboard with its amazing free medical apps. The iPad’s success in the medical industry has seen proliferation of medical apps available nowadays on the iPad platform that are focused on health care service providers.

Nevertheless, the following is a list of the top 10 free iPad medical apps for health care service providers.


1. Medscape
This is one of the top rated iPad apps among medical professionals because it allows for convenient searching of medication and also description of several medical procedures through a simple intuitive search interface. Basically, it is a drug reference app that also includes entries for some herbal medications within its database. Medscape includes a handy offline mode and hence suitable for health care providers without a wireless plan.


2. MicroMedex
Even though MicroMedex remains one of the most underrated iPad medical apps for health care providers; it is still an outstanding prescription drug reference tool. It is widely used by medical institutions and pharmacists because it has the best user interface that is easy to use.

3. Calculate by QxMD
It is important for every physician to have a good specialty calculator and Calculate by QxMD is the most suitable candidate. This specialty calculator app is a great tool for physicians because of its smart double panel interface and useful search by specialty feature.

4. Draw MD
Some iPad apps have not only improved the workflow with a gamut of reference applications but have also enabled physicians to communicate with their patients effectively. Draw MD medical app enables physicians to draw out surgical procedures to their patients in a toothsome manner with the aim of improving the physician patient relationship.


This is a great app from the U.S department of health and human services that should be commended for moving into the mobile platform where other departments are still struggling with their mobile capabilities. AHRQ ePSS provide patients with the necessary information around the recommendations by United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).

6. Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED
This is an instructional free iPad app that is most suitable for educational radiology programs with applicability into other specialties as well. It contains up to 65 radiology cases appertaining emergency medicine.


7. iBooks 2
As the name suggests, iBooks 2 is an interactive free iPad app that’s a perfect source of a wide range of medical textbooks for medical professionals. It can be used by anyone with little or no prior programming skills.

8. Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab/iLarynx
Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab is a 3-Dimensional virtual lab animation app that offers a practical guide for users to learn about the airways. It is integrated with another 3D app, iLarynx to manipulate the scope in order to secure the airways.

9. Dropbox/Evernote (Medical Journals and Document Management)
Over 60 medical journals are available in the iPad format nowadays courtesy to Dropbox and Evernote that allows you to save such journals in PDF formats in the cloud for future reference. This has made iPad a primary tool for medical providers to keep up with their reading.


10. MedPage Today
MedPage Today is one of the best free iPad app for health care providers who would like to keep up to date with breaking medical news online. It has established its reputation as one among a few iPad apps you can optimize their user interface based on disease pathology and monographs.


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