(ED: This App caught my eye; not only because of a fellow Brown student, but this app seems to have a real place.   The patient has virtually no clue on what tests need to be ordered, and this app will educate the patient, for his visit to the doctor, and allows for educated interaction with the health care provider)


This app gives the sensitivity and specificity of hundreds of medical tests, with literature citations included, by Tim Jolsi MD and friends at Brown University Med School.

For example, imagine a patient comes in for a reported seizure. What lab tests do you order? Should you check their tongue for bites? What does it mean when the EEG results are negative? Can brain imaging be helpful?

This powerful tool can answer those questions for hundreds of conditions. It suggest tests that you might not have considered. It facilitates evidence based decision making. It’s a great learning tool for medical students. It saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary tests.

Our methodology:

1) We used peer-reviewed papers that performed meta-analysis whenever possible

2) Some tests have only been studied once, so we cited that paper if it was a high quality study

3) If no meta-analysis had been performed, and there were multiple studies performed, we looked at the quality of the studies, how respected the journal was, and how recent the data was collected.

Built by a team of Ivy League Medical Students.


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