(ED: Soon, the patient will not have to leave the ER; as time goes on, computer peripherals, as well as resolution, will improve)


Mobisante (Redmond, Washington) released its MobiUS TC1 ultrasound system, a tablet version of its MobiUS system that until now was only available in a smartphone format. The system offers a large high resolution screen for performing all kinds of exams including “trauma (FAST exam, lung, cardiac screening), abdominal pain, AAA and other routine screening such as bladder assessment, OB/GYN assessments, triage, ultrasound-guided procedures and much more,” according to the announcement.

In addition to standard transducer probes, the TC1 also works with endocavity probes for gynecological work and imaging the prostate.

Of note, Medgadget will be performing smartphone physicals at TEDMED next week and Mobisante’s ultrasounds will be take part in imaging the carotid artery.

From the product page:

Convenient and Accessible

Fits under your arm and can be taken to the patient, wherever they are. Easy to operate, intuitive user interface.

Images can be easily and securely shared for archival, second opinion, or remote diagnosis using a WiFi network, or directly exported to network storage. The patient record is available for reimbursement, QA as well as benchmarking.
Use Anywhere

MobiUS devices can operate independent of the electrical grid for hours at a time, making them an ideal choice for disaster relief organizations and mobile medical professionals.

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Product page: MobiUS TC1 Ultrasound System…

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