Millennium Pharmaceuticals, based in Cambridge, has launched a consumer website called “” and it’s a very good effort to reach out to patients of this horrible disease and provide them with some great resources and information.  Are pharma companies realizing that it’s time for more DTC marketing around cancer ?

On Millenium’s Myeloma site the key communication is “learn, fight, live and share”.  The site has stories from patients and caregivers and has a link to a lot of resources.  The site is clean, easy to navigate and for once the language on the site is easy for the novice to understand.

There has been a transformation in the way patients and consumers view cancer and cancer treatments.  More and more patients want to know about their treatments especially when it comes to how it will effect their quality of life.  They also want resources in the form of other people who have beat back this horrible disease because it both gives them hope and strength and helps them to find essential resources.

What I like is the patient stories area.  Real stories from real patients but I also would have like to have seen a community area where people could post their stories and questions.   Now before you get your bowels in an uproar because of regulatory issues there is a way to make this happen.  I did by having all posts go through a quick approval with the permission to edit posts because of legal concerns and it worked very well for the brand that I was working on at the time.  You have patients there so why not leverage the Internet to allow them to talk to one another around your website ?  This is especially true of an unbranded site like this one.


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