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Name: Skeletal System Pro II

Developer: 3D4Medical

Compatibility: iOS 

Skeletal System Pro II is an app compatible with Apple’s iPad.

Developed in collaboration with Stanford’s school of medicine, the app offers a 3D look inside the human body. 360 degree rotation, movement animations, name pronunciation and activities are part and parcel of this popular app. Connective tissues can be viewed through a scalpel tool, zooming and tap functions bring up additional information about different body parts.

It’s fairly heavy on space requirements at 509mb.

The app costs $14.99.

Name: Medscape

Developer: WebMD

Compatibility: iOS | Android

The free Medscape app is one of the most downloaded medical applications from Apple’s app store. Useful for medical professionals, students and nursing, Medscape can be used to recieve news from 34 fields.

In addition, articles can be saved, emailed and shared across social media.

Offering a clinical reference section, the app includes safety guidelines on drugs, videos that show various procedures, and educational activities for students.

Name: Muscle trigger point

Developer: Real Bodywork

Compatibility: iOS | Android

A handy app for researching muscle trigger points — tight places in the muscle which cause pain.

Over 100 trigger points can be referenced in the application for over 70 muscles. Once you find a trigger point through a specific muscle or zone search, recommendations and notes pop up on screen.

The app costs $2.99, and may be useful not only for those in the medical field but people in sport

Name: Micromedex

Developer: Thomson Reuters

Compatibility: iOS 

The app is the mobile version of Micromedex’s drug library. It includes the same search information, including dosage, toxicology and therapeutic class — just from an iPhone or iPad.

An Internet connection is required.

Name: Visual DX

Developer: Logical Images

Compatibility: iOS | Android

This useful app provides multiple images of different disease variations and strains. When it comes down to visual conditions, it can be useful for the mobile dermatologist to speed up the diagnosis process. Although the app is free and has recieved good reviews, like many professional resources it does require a subscription.


Developer: U.S. Dept Health & Human Services

Compatibility: iOS | Android

The ePSS app was developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services.

Research conducted by the department over health care quality, costs, outcomes and patient safety has been used to assist primary care providers to recommend the best course of action based on a patient’s characteristics — including age, sex and behavioral risk factors.

Name: Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab

Developer: Georgia Health Sciences University

Compatibility: iOS 

The virtual lab is an iPad-compatible application which shows the upper airways through a 3D map.  34 atonomical structures are included, and pinch-to-zoom tech allows for zooming in on particular areas or rotating a camera.

Useful for medical students who want a more interactive approach than textbooks, the app would also be suitable as a teaching tool for patients.

Name: Airstrip Cardiology

Developer: Airstrip Technologies

Compatibility: iOS 

Airstrip Cardiology has previously been named one of Apple’s favorite medical applications. Clinicians with an iPhone can use the app to view a patient’s full ECG history. Cardiac waveform data can be viewed and analyzed — aiming for a quicker diagnosis and treatment of cardiac patients.

As the app is aimed at health professionals, although the app is free, healthcare providers have to purchase and install Airstrip software to connect patient data with mobile devices.

Name: Skyscape Medical Resources

Developer: Skyscape

Compatibility: iOS | Android

A top-rated app used by medical professionals and students worldwide, the free app includes drug information, a medical search, medical calculators and data ranging over 800 separate topics.

Also included for free is MedAlert — a speciality-focused tool with journal articles, clinical news, drug alerts and links.

For those that want more information, a number of premium packages can be purchased.

Name: Papers


Compatibility: iOS 

For the iPhone or iPad, the Papers app synchronizes your research library onto your mobile device.

.Pdf files can be downloaded from particular authors, and the app can be connected to your Dropbox account.

If you’re hunting for a particular article, 8 search engines — including JSTOR, Pubmed and Google Scholar.

However, be warned that at the moment, the app does not sync properly with the Mac library.


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