Ran across a great app store, that makes one wish they were back in medical or pre-med school.  This true to life animations are simply fantastic animations, that. in most version, are free, but most cost to get the full version.

They are called “Focus Apps“, and, in their words  “….At Focus Apps, we leave nothing to chance because we strive to produce the highest quality “edutainment” on the market. Our goal is to make the path to scientific, medical and educational information wider and much easier to navigate. All our apps are 100% scientifically-accurate and aimed at completely transforming the way knowledge is delivered.

“Edutainment” at your fingertips whenever you need it
• Apps are designed for a variety of mobile platforms
• Choose from a large selection of scientific, medical and educational content
• Scientific facts are within your reach at any time

For the ways that you learn best!
Information is presented in several formats to deliver content how you learn best:
• Visual: Premium animation/illustration accurately portrays scientific, medical, and educational facts
• Audio: Crisp, clear, professional narration provides explanations parallel to the visual illustrations
• Written: Written transcripts allow read-along or review

Unrivaled Quality
• Premium apps that exceed all expectation
• Scientifically accurate content verified by experts
• Exciting illustration, clear accurate narration, expert-approved information
• Compelling animation makes learning exciting and memorable
• Easy to use interface, well designed, visual-driven for use on mobile platforms. Simple to understand.”

Here’s a video of their on YouTube, that explains their purpose:


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