Posted February 18, 2013

Everyday there are 1,000 women around the world who do not survive childbirth or pregnancy. Over three million newborn deaths occur every year. Most of these instances are not only preventable, but also happen in

developing ountries.


On Mother’s Day 2011 Hilary Clinton, then U.S. Secretary of State, launched a public-private partnership between United States Agency for International Development, Johnson & Johnson, the United Nations Foundation, mHealth Alliance and BabyCenter to create MAMA: Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action. The mobile health service was designed to address the severe maternal and child mortality rates in Bangladesh, India and South Africa.

In December 2012 MAMA announced the launch of the Bangladesh service brandAponjon, which means ‘the trusted one’ in Bengali. Aponjon (whose logo is pictured on the left) is a mobile health service designed to deliver critical stage-based information via cell phone to pregnant women and new mothers. The messages are aimed at reducing maternal and newborn illnesses and deaths. The service is free for the poorest 20 percent of its subscribers.

In order to reach the lowest levels of literacy the mHealth service brand created culturally sensitive voice messages, which are sent to the subscribers as entertaining mini-dramas during pregnancy and through the infant’s first year of life.


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