by John Bennett MD

The first class of the iMedEd Initiative, which introduced the med students using the iPad as a source of their medical education, has a sparkling progress report.  The class scored an average of 23% higher than previous classes schooled in the traditional ways.

When these students started in 2010, they were equipped with a “pimped out” iPad, with the necessary programs, along with podcasts of lectures, as well as other embedded educational materials on the iPad,  providing a true multimedia educational experience, which works.  As the Dean  of the school says,

“The digital platform has enabled us to effectively respond to this responsibility in a manner heretofore unimaginable. By having all aspects of our medical school curriculum on iPad, learning becomes a 24/7 opportunity no longer tied to the classroom or a desk. We believe our students are learning better than they have in the past.”

Essentially, this form of learning is now common; it is called the “flipped classroom”, where the onus to learn is on the student, who studies short, relevant videos, and uses classroom time with the professor to go over areas of difficulty in understanding.  It is the tried and true method, popularized by Sal Kahn, of the Kahn Academy, pictured above,  whose proponents include Bill Gates.  The Internet Age is also revolutionizing Education, by providing the means of individual learning by short videos on the iPad, and teaching is individualized, each student goes at his or her own pace, and does not progress until the subject-at-hand is mastered.  It is not a “One size Fits All” in the conventional classroom, where a professor has a subject to lecture on, lectures on it, and continues on, while some students may not even have a firm grasp of that subject.

Below is a  “60 Minute” bit that captures the essence of this new education approach pioneered by Sal Kahn


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