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After meeting with a patient, have you ever not been able to quite recall the exact patterns of each of their symptoms?

Have you ever wished you could more accurately take notes of their specific problems or ailments?

As voice recognition software for the iPad continues to grow and becomes increasingly advanced, physicians are beginning to use these capabilities in their everyday interactions with patients.

Voice recognition software for the iPad not only allows physicians to record information in real time as they consult with patients, but also employs a mixture of data mining and additional intelligent software solutions.

These new software products were created in order to help doctors document their patients’ information in a quick and thorough way.

Before the invention of this software, physicians often times had to speak into recording devices and pay transcribers to type the notes.

Now, doctors are able to increase accuracy as well as save time and money with the use of these products.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

In a recent press release, TCS Associates announced their new product, Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

The release said that this new software “greatly facilitates the entry of patient notes, coding or prescription information into a practice’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) software.”

Dragon Medical Practice Edition ensures a 99 % accuracy rate in getting large amounts of spoken text correctly transcribed into the computer.

With an expanded vocabulary covering nearly 60 medical specialties and sub-specialties, this product is able to increase the productivity of a medical facility by 50 percent.

In addition, Dragon is has the technology to spot inconsistencies and ask follow up questions in order to ensure accuracy. This feature alone can equip physicians with a proactive approach to preventing malpractice claims.


M-Modal is another voice recognition software service that is making a difference in the effectiveness of medical facilities.

The company’s products allow users access to thousands of medicines, procedures, and terms.

M-Modal is currently working on a product that will allow physicians to record information in real time on mobile devices as they consult with patients.

The Future of Voice Recognition in the Health Care Industry

As the federal government recently called for hospitals across the United States to put electronic medical record systems in place, these types of technologies are growing more and more prevalent and necessary.

In addition to the government’s call to action, it is also important for medical facilities to utilize this technology in order to ensure the best treatment for their patients and protect themselves against lawsuits.

With 15,000 to 19,000 malpractice suits being brought against doctors each year, voice recognition software can be of great assistance in ensuring that no mistakes warranting a malpractice suit will occur.


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