Forus Health has introduced a portable, intelligent, non-invasive, non-mydriatic, low cost Fundus camera (eye care device) that helps in pre-screening of five eye diseases namely cataract, diabetic retina, glaucoma, cornea issues as well as refractive index measurements. It has a retinal camera with inbuilt refractometer that captures the images of the retina and, through it’s image processing algorithm, generates an automatic report about the problem it has detected. The report is generated within 5 minutes of screening process, carries information on both retinal images and a brief about the problem diagnosed. The quality of the images is excellent for pre-screening and screening purposes.

The device can be further integrated with remote diagnosis systems like telemedicine and can help a patient to get screened in a remote condition. 3nethra was developed with the sole aim of taking mass pre-screening away from hospitals so that doctors spend time on needy patients.

So, much like the Vscan has been used in Malaysia to screen for obstetrical fetal problems, and cardiac valve problems,  you do not have to have a specialist manning the hardware, but a healthcare worker can be schooled in this technology, and can send images to a remote ophthamologist, if needed, for more definitive care.


It is of special use in rural areas and Third World Countries, like India.

“Blindness is  major problem in India — of the 39 million blind people in the world, almost 12 million are in India. Nearly 80% of the blind in India can be cured. One of the reasons for the high numbers is the scarcity of ophthalmologists. Currently, the ophthalmologist to patient ratio in the country is about 1:60,000. Founded by former Philips executives, Bangalore-based Forus Health has developed ’3nethra’, a low-cost portable pre-screening ophthalmology device. “You can carry the device in a suitcase.

It is rugged and has been carried on bus tops and even on horses in places like Mizoram,” says K Chandrasekhar, 45, co-founder and CEO. The device, which is one-sixth the cost of other comparable devices, can identify multiple diseases that cause blindness. Forus has already done over 100 installations at various institutions and is now selling these devices in emerging markets like Africa, Thailand and Oman. It plans to soon enter Latin America and the US. Last year, Accel Partners and IDG Ventures, together invested $5 million in Forus Health.”

See a video, that explains this wonderful digital ophthamogical device


For more information about this technology, please contact Jim Booth at or +1-512-475-7790


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