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Documentation takes a doctor’s time and attention away from the patient, and it also doesn’t capture what happens when the nurse or physician leaves the room. Filling those gaps and creating more thorough documentation that’s interoperable with EMRs is the idea behind Care Cam Innovations, which has just raised $10 million from 21 investors, according to a recently filed SEC Form D.

The Greenville, South Carolina company was founded by registered nurse Shannon Pierce in the mid-2000s and has been flying relatively under the radar since then. Pierce and her co-founders, a neurosurgeon and the CEO of a senior care company, have apparently been heads down developing and piloting the company’s product, the ICan, which comprises a video device and software. Pierce described it in a 2011 statement:

[…] Data entry distracts clinicians from care. Our solution simplifies accurate record keeping with video. Events are tagged by the care providers while care is administered. CareCam documentation will be integrated as a part of the patient’s health record and provide real-time video documentation that gives healthcare providers a visual record rather than just written, typed, and inefficiently organized descriptions.

The filing lists Hal Rosenbluth, an entrepreneur who has founded companies later sold to Walgreens and American Express, as chairman and CEO.

Previously funding has come from SC Launch, a private, non-profit affiliate of the applied research corporation SCRA.

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