by John Bennett MD

ExoLabs has invented a microscope accessory, called the “Focus Microscope Camera”, which is built for the sole purpose of using the power of computing of the iPhone, as well as its optical ability of microscopy to transfer images to an iphone or iPad in real time.

This invention is, for all purposes, a 2nd generation use of the iPhone.  The iPhone’s role in medicine will evolve to a point where not even the phone qualities will be in the device.  “Please stop using the microscope, I have make a call?”  Not.

The iPhone, or a device similar will remove the accessory role with the telephone, and be individually tailored to that particular use.  Remember, the iPhone is, above all as far as medicine is concerned, a powerful portable, mobile computer, with a versatile camera, that just happens to be a telephone as well.

Companies are already probably trying to develop minicomputers like the iPhone, and it may take time to overtake Apple’s head start.  But be assured that it will have competitiors, especially in the medical arena, where very specialized uses of a powerful minicomputer are needed.


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