by John Bennett MD

Surfing on the internet sometimes is rewarding.  You stumble upon jewels and pearls of information, regarding the application of the Internet and Medicine, which we call “Internet Medicine”.  We all know that the iPhone is more than a phone.  It is a powerful computer, the power of which is similar to a computer that needed to be housed in a small room about 15 years ago.  It also possesses great camera qualities, which is being harnessed in many devices in medicine (witness the application for Slit Lamp exams, diagnosis of suspicious skin lesions, and use as a microscope, and various other uses.

Came across a video while researching medical videos for Emergency care, a video about Vertigo.  It seems that a few Aussie docs from Sydney have been working on camera hardware to document eye movements as clues to vertibular problems.  That is a huge advance in ENT.    See the following video which explains this device

Then came across a video made by a New York ER doctor, who made a video about the use of an iPhone, which does an abbreviated form of the hardware of the Aussie docs, which makes it easy to do, what is called, the “Head Impulse Test”. See it here

The beauty of all this, is that it shows how Internet Medicine can benefit even the specialities in application of digital technology, even with a device as small as an iPhone, and an application, “Slo Mo”, which costs less than a dollar. And for a very common problem, like Vertigo, which most ER docs see almost every shift.


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