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Teletrauma Services allows expert trauma surgeons to consult with ER docs in remote areas via two-way videoconfencing, using something as simple as an iPod Touch, which cost the princely sum of $227, retail.

Dr. Raphael Grossman MD of the Eastern Maine Medical Center, is currently working on a pilot program  employing this technology, and he raves about it. He says, “using an inexpensive handheld device, to consult about acute trauma patients. Extending the virtual presence of a specialist over a vast area instantaneously, at a very low cost; improving patient care and increasing the efficiency of the trauma system. Overcoming the high demand for a shortage of specialists in rural areas” (SOURCE)

 See this talk he gave about this service to better understand the concept, and its place in trauma centers:

There are other Teletrauma programs such as ones in Ontario, Georgia, Nebraska, and Miami, but it seems that Dr. Grossman is the leader in this field, which is sure to grow in the coming years.

See Dr. Grossman’s blog, where he further explores this fantastic use of Internet Medicine. 
The state of Georgia has been also working on this concept for a few years.  See the following SlideShow presention which explains it:



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