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It is very, very important that the patient research health issues in a thorough, responsible fashion on the web.  There is a lot of false information on the web, and get-well “gimmicks” even behind professional looking websites.  It does not take a medical degree to make a professional-looking WordPress healthcare website, that will take PayPal, thank you.  It helps for the patient to be educated about healthcare by browsing the health web intelligently, which is very possible with some of the  resources of the internet, and it is free.  There are  many other good, reliable websites, but these are the Top Ten validated by the “Hon Code”.

HON Code: a Start to Insure Good Health Information

Look for this icon, at the bottom right hand corner of the first page of the Health website.  This is the most wide-spread agency of validation or accredidation, and is  called “HONCode”.  The website has to abide by 8 principles of Conduct. (see on their
website.)  Websites that comply have the following icon:

website accredidation

 There is no universal accredidation, but the HON CODE is the most common.  In the future, there are sure to be changes in accredidation, since patients are increasingly using the net for healthcare information.  Matter of fact, it is estimated that 25%  of ALL WEB SEARCHES INVOLVE HEALTH CARE ISSUES!
Here follow some of the tried-and-true, accepted, sound, valid websites for health information for patients. Ask your doctor, if there are any other recommended sites.
The following Health Information Website ALL  are accredited by the “Hon Code”

It is also interesting to note, that 4 out of every 5 people have done health searches on the web.   The top five conditions searched for on WebMD, one of the most frequently visited sites, were shingles, gallbladder, gout, hemorrhoids and lupus.

Health Information
1 | WebMD

Medical Information
2 | MedicineNet

Drug Information
3 | Drugs

Healthcare INformation
4 | everydayHealth

Health Website
5 | MedHelp

Disease Symptoms

6 | Healthline

7  | Understanding your Lab Tests 

| InteliHealth

| Cleveland Clinic

10 | Healthline

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